Tango Car - Las Vegas, Nevada


Booking ground transportation is like anything else; you're always trying to get the best product and service at the most reasonable price.  With Tango Car you can count on getting exactly that.

Our prices are comparable, and in most cases, cheaper than other service providers in the area. The differences are: vehicle options and quality of service.

Below are some of the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Q:  Where do I meet my chauffeur when being picked up at the airport?
  Terminal 1 - at the bottom of the escalator
     Terminal 3 - at the baggage carousel.

Q:  Will my driver have a sign?
  Your chauffeur will have a sign with your name on it.  Please look for him/her. If you cannot find him/her right     away, please call us 702.462.6600 and we will call them.

Q:  Can you take me outside of Nevada?
  Yes, we will drive you almost anywhere.  Please specify pickup and drop-off locations on when you book via our app. You can email or call us as well.

If there are any questions we have not addressed, please contact us via Phone or Email.

We look forward to serving you in Vegas!


call us:702 960 0620

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